explode your brand & capture hyper growth momentum.

kobe, brady, shaq, lebron, woods…

they built powerful personal brands

The way they accomplished this was by building personal brands. We will teach you how to grow and monetize a powerful personal brand

how we build your brand

We offer you any and all of the following services:

  • Brand and logo creation
  • Website development
  • Apparel creation
  • Content creation
  • Brand introductions
  • Facilitating brand deals
  • Create your online offerings (mentorship program, ebook, apparel, nft, etc)
  • Potential to become a top selling author by hopping on our podcast

build your momentum

We have worked directly and indirectly servicing nearly 200 professional athletes and growing. If you would like to build and monetize a successful brand, click below to see if were a good fit.

why meet with us

It’s no secret that there is a lot of money to be made as a professional athlete. The best kept secret right now is that the most successful athletes make more OFF the field than they do from the league.

The ones doing this understand one massive piece of information, which is building a personal brand.

At McNeilX we help you make the most of your platform, and teach you how to monetize it.